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Opening of LGV Atlantique extensions

Rail services to Western France will see a revolution with the opening of the Bordeaux and Rennes LGV extensions

Class 36000 mid-life overhauls

Akiem announce mid-life overhauls to extend the life of the Class 36000s

Across the Rhine by tram

A journey from Strasbourg across the Rhine to Kehl in Germany

Return of the Paris - Cerbere Sleeper
Opposite. The southbound service approaches Cerbere at Peyrefite

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June 2017 News Page - read more

Forthcoming events and rail-tours

The events presented on this page are subject to change or cancellation. Please confirm directly with the organisers before travel. For further details of rail tours consult the web sites of the tour operators.

July 2017

July 1st 
 231 K 8 Paris - Noyelles  (deferred until September)         Details 
 X4719 Amagne-Lucquy - Dijon                                              Details 

 July 1st/2nd 
 Chemin de fer Touristique du Vermandois (CFTV) Anniversary Festival                Details
 X2819/X2914 Langogne - Ales Viaduc de Chamborigaud                                         Details 
X4039 Dijon - Reims  cancelled - no pilotman available                                                           

 July 8th 
 231 K 8 Sotteville - Rouen - Le Havre                                    Details 

July 8/9th
X4567 Var - Carcasonne - Quillan                                           Details

 July 14th 
 66304 Toulouse - Carcassonne                                              Details 
 140 C 38 Limoges - Eymoutiers - Bujaleuf                           Details 

 July 15th
 231 K 8 Sotteville -Rouen - Dieppe                                        See July 8th 

 July 16th 
X2900 Montlucon - Aubusson (unit not specified)               Details 
July 16/17th X4039 
Dijon - Le Havre                                                                         Details 
July 26th 
 140 C 38 Limoges - Eymoutiers - Bujaleuf                            See July 14th

July 29th 
 X2844/X2907 Limoges - Bordeaux/Blaye                              Details  
 231 K 8 Sotteville - Rouen - Le Havre                                     See July 8th
August 2nd 
140 C 38 Limoges - Eymoutiers - Bujaleuf                              Details

August 6th
X2900 Montlucon - Vichy (unit not specified)                         Details
August 9th 
140 C 38 Limoges - Eymoutiers - Bujaleuf                              See August 2nd

 August 12th 
231 K 8 Sotteville - Rouen                                                          Details

 August 15th 
140 C 38 Limoges - Eymoutiers - St Leonard de Noblat       See August 2nd

 19th August 
66304 Toulouse - Conques and Aveyron                                 Details

 23rd August 
140 C 38 Limoges - Eymoutiers - Bujaleuf                               See August 2nd

 26th August 
231 K 8 Sotteville - Dieppe                                                         See August 12th

 27th August 
241 P 17 Le Creusot - Aix le Bains                                             Details
2nd September 
X4719 d’Amagne-Lucquy - Lille/Arques                                   Details
231 K 8 Sotteville - Le Havre                                                      Details

 10th September 
241 P 17 Le Creusot - Lyons                                                      Details

 16th September 
 141 R 840 Les Aubrais - Loches                                               Details

16/17th September
X4719 Longueville - Provins shuttles                                       Details

 23rd September 
66304 Toulouse - Arachon                                                        Details
X 2844 + X 2907 Limoges - Orleans                                         Details
X 2906 Montlucon - St Flour (unit not specified)                   Details
23/24th September 
241 P 17   Le Creusot - Mulhouse (Cite de Train)                  See 10th September
7th October
231 K 8     Paris - Chaulnes                                                       Details
CC 6570    Avignon - Banyuls sur Mer                                    Details
X2819/X2914     Nimes - Manosque                                       Details

21st October
X4719      Amagne-Lucquy - Strasbourg                                 Details  

28th October
66304 Toulouse - Sarlat                                                           Details

Society Sales Stand

The Society sales stand will be at the following events.

September 30th      - European Railways Association - Birmingham

October 14th           - Winchester O Gauge Meet - Kings School

 October 28th           - EXPO Narrow Gauge - Swanley, Kent

October 29th            - Colchester & District MRC

For further information contact the Sales Officer at

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